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Dishwasher Repairs in Sandton

Dishwasher repairs for your appliance in particular –  In our repair services we work with home appliances from all popular brands, and some not-so-major ones too! Most of our work is done with devices made by LG, Defy, Smeg, Neff, , Hoover, Whirlpool, Beko, Hotpoint, Samsung, Bosch,, Siemens, or more.
But if your appliance is made by a manufacturer not on this list, don’t worry – we’ll still almost certainly have the know-how to help you. Simply let us know about your appliance when you call!

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Our repairmen you get from us will be a fully skilled and qualified professional. The repair men are always armed with all of the tools needed to get the job done, ready to answer any technical questions you might have.
Perfcetfix Appliance Repairs offers top quality dishwashers, washing machine repairs fix across Forways,Randburg, all over Johannesburg and Sandton.

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Keep your dishwasher clean , every once and a while pull the filter and clean the door seals and the seal mating surfaces. Run the hot water in the sink before turning the dishwasher on , this fills the washer with hot water in its place of cold especially if the dishwasher is far away from the sink.

Below you’ll find an introduction to some of the most popular dishwasher problems and a brief description as to how your repairman will fix them:

Leaking dishwashers – This common but irritating issue means more cleaning for you, and if a lot of water escapes it could represent a slip hazard. Your technician will start by ascertaining where the leak is coming from – the door, inlet hoses and valves are all vulnerable locations. Leaks from the door could be a sign that it’s become misaligned, something that can generally be repaired there and then. On other occasions the gasket around the door may need replacing. Hoses can also work loose over time, or hoses or valves may need replacement. Less commonly, leaks can originate from the tub of the dishwasher itself. In this instance the technician will advise you on whether attempting to repair the appliance will be cost effective.

Dishwasher refuses to start – This can be a mechanical problem or an electrical one. Your technician will check the wiring, fuses and breakers to make sure that power is being delivered correctly. Failed selector switches or timers can also be at fault, so these will also be checked. Another reason for the appliance failing to start is that the motor has simply jammed, this is more likely when the unit hasn’t been used for some time. In this instance the casing will need to be opened up and the fan blades spun by hand to jam the motor.

The dishwasher is noisy – As with every repair, the first stage is fault diagnosis. Your technician will check the motor mountings to make sure they haven’t worked loose, improperly secured motors will vibrate excessively and can sound very loud indeed. Sometimes wash arm seal or bearing rings can be worn or defective, these can all be replaced. Worn or insufficiently greased bearings will also make the motor noisy, so this is something else your repairman will check for. The bearings should not be exposed to water, but this can sometimes happen if the spin seal has worn out. In this case the seal will need to be replaced to prevent the bearings and motor from getting wet.

Your Dishwasher Needs a Repair?

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Noise proofing comes from the dishwasher design and the high-end washers and not from one piece of metal.
If you want to and can afford, get the high-end dishwasher and you will have an almost silent kitchen.

If your Dishwasher is not getting cleaned or are you rinsing the dishes prior to placing them in the dishwasher? You need to rinse them. Now, clean out the food trap in the bottom of the dishwasher. All kinds of gross debris gets stuck in there, and then the water doesn’t drain ….so you’re just rinsing your dishes in filthy, dirty water.

Second, run the hot water until it’s very hot in the sink, before you begin the dishwasher cycles. And third of all if you’re using the pods for the dishwasher? Try going back to the liquid, or the loose powder, as it dissolves faster. If you can’t for some reason… then rinse the pods in a bit of hot water before you throw them in the bottom of the dishwasher to get them dissolving faster.

No luck with that? Then it might be time for a new dishwasher or a call to the repair man.