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Looking For Appliance Repairs in Randburg?

Appliance repair? We know how important it is to get your Appliance Repairs in back up and running quickly – Get value for money? Call us Now!

No matter what kind of appliance you need fixing, Perfectfix can help. Our Technicians can offer appliance repairs in Randburg for a wide range of appliances from washing machines to ovens. At Perfectfix we cater for all your Randburg appliance repair needs whilst also proving a professional and affordable service.

As we are an approved repairs specialist for many of the big names in appliances, you can be assured of the quality of the work carried out by our engineers.

At Perfectfix, we know that the breakdown of a household appliance can cause disruption in your home and be more than a simple inconvenience. This is why we pride ourselves on helping to make the process of getting Randburg appliance repair as simple and as quick as possible. Simply fill out our online booking form, select a time and date to suit you, and let us take care of the rest.

Why Repair from PerfectFix?

Top Appliance and Dishwasher Repairs in Randburg

Once a month pour two cups of refined white vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher, under the spray arm. Don’t have any dishes in it.
Let it soak for at least a one hour. You can leave it soaking as long as you want, the vinegar won’t hurt anything.
After it soaked, run it through the normal wash setting. It doesn’t need a heated dry cycle or and other headed option your dishwasher has. You don’t have to add dish soap.

Cleaning your dishwasher monthly to remove the sediment and mineral deposits will prevent repairs and keeps it running much longer.
The dishwasher water supply is the lowest supply line in your home, as well as being hot water. Hot water has more sediment and deposits. Being the lowest line seems to have more buildup of these deposited.

The white powdery deposits that seemed to be etched into parts of your dishwasher are from your water. This mineral deposit can leave a thin coating of an alloy cement type build up on dishwasher parts. The impellers inside the pump or the drain valve won’t move properly with that build upon them. The vinegar dissolves the buildup and keeps it under control

Our repairmen based in Randburg cover a vast area which is why we are able to take booking for appliance repairs all across Johannesburg. No matter where you live, we can get our technical men to come to you as soon as you need us.

No need to worry about hidden charges when you come to Perfectfix for your appliance repairs in Bryanston and all over Johannesburg. We provide a fixed price guarantee which assures you that you will only pay the amount quoted when you first come to use about the job. For a free no-obligation online quote, get in touch with Randburg Appliance today.

Your Appliance Needs a Repair?

Washing Machine Repair in Randburg

Is your washing machine not work? Randburg appliance can service and repair your washing machine. We can organise a callout so our technicians can inspect the machine and advise you on repairs. You can then choose if you want to go ahead with repairing your washing machine.

If we have to make an additional visit to fit spare parts, there is no call-out fee, only the cost of parts and labour will be charged. Randburg appliance will quote you in advance before returning to install any spare parts. If your machine requires complex, in-depth repairs, we can come to you and collect your washing machine and then return it to you once repairs are complete.

As service agents for most comment brands, we are able to buy replacement parts and even repair or replace a washer or dryer under warranty.

For more information or to request a quote, fill out the form below or contact us today!

Our technicians from Randburg appliance have been servicing and repairing coffee machines for years. We can repair any make and model of coffee machine, from small home machines to large coffee vending machines, or traditional manual coffee machines.

But whatever kind of problem you’re experiencing with your stove, get in touch with us for a quote. We have the best turnaround time and offer suitable planned appointments seven days a week.